As a state authorized public accountant firm we offer audit services and a range of other assurance services.

When performing audits we are using a risk-based audit approach as being today's leading industry practice. However, compared to bigger audit firms we are are able to deploy more experienced auditors to the engagements since our general costs are lower. We take pride in having a consistent team to service our clients .

When performing our audits we use latest accepted tools and methodologies which typically covers analyzing data trends followed by a deep-dive into data outliers rather than a time-consuming, random sample-based testing approach. By doing so, we can provide more relevant insights to the audit client. At the same time, the client and us spend less time on the audit which enables us to offer a market competative pricing.

We are using a secure online platform to request and share audit documention between the client and us. The platform also gives a real-time status of the audit progress. Due to this, we can provide a fully digitalised and even remote audit process.