The firm is founded and lead by State Authorised Public Accountant, Kåre Breindal. 

Kåre has 15 years of experience within public accounting and advisory and has served a broad variety of clients and industries ranging from smaller, entrepreneurial growth companies to multi-national, stock-listed companies in both Denmark and the USA. Kåre has more than 12 years experience from previous positions at Deloitte and EY.

We want to provide a competent, honest and present service to our clients. To do this, we bring in our extensive experience, technical knowledge and network from many years in the audit and finance consulting industry combined with the ambition to be among front-runners in thinking and applying a digital transformation into our services.

Our strategy is simple, we will run a simple and lean business and cut away any excessive costs which is not supporting our purpose. By doing so, we can invest in our people and in new technologies and focus on our clients and their needs.