We offer project-based and as well as interim finance consulting services.

Together with the client we discuss the needs and tailor the assignment and the success criteria for our involvement.

We offer interim assistance on all competence levels ranging from accounting assistance to CFO. Typically, this is relevant in periods of vacancies of employees, when a full-time position is not needed or for rapid growth companies that lacks resources to support further hiring processes.

We do also assist on a recurring basis during busy periods, e.g. month-end closing or year-end closing.

Examples of Project-based services conducted to clients:

  • Finance maturity projects
    • Identify financial risk areas and design and implement mitigating internal controls
    • Formalize and improve speed and quality of the financial closing and reporting processes
    • Outline current business processes and identify areas for improving the efficiency
  • Complex accounting matters within IFRS and the Danish Company Act
    • Determine appropriate accounting practice when entering new activities or when new accounting standards become effective
    • Prepare comprehensive accounting memos for internal and audit purposes
  • Design and build finance tools
    • Building automated or semi-automated Excel, API or similar tools interfaced with ERP systems or other data feeding systems to support the accounting or controlling function.